Champagne Breakfast

Ladies Champagne Breakfast

Oh, my head, it really hurts! I couldn’t possibly eat or drink that now Come on, be a real woman, be a real Hen, a hair of the dog and you will be fine, Actually, I feel better already, in fact, I feel great! The Benalmadena Rocks all day Champagne Breakfast will perk you up and put that special swagger back in your step. Jugs of ice cold orange juice and champagne, bacon, sausage, egg, mushrooms, beans, tomatoes, tea or coffee and toast. Hey girl, go healthy, what about granola and a selection of fruits? What could be better you might ask. Yes, you’ve got it, a private and reserved table in the heart of the Benalmadena boat marina, with shades on and bikinis at the ready. Aaaahhhh, just what the doctor ordered before another night of mayhem and madness..

Ladies, drag yourselves out of bed, it doesn’t need to be 08.00am, come down at midday. Remember, you are not working but on holiday, grab a shower, a top, some short shorts and flip flops, then head straight to the Marina, your table awaits. A full breakfast, jugs of bucks fizz, some strong coffee and your besties. This is exactly what you need, not just one day, but every day you are here. The perfect breakfast in the perfect environment, giving you the perfect set up for the day and night ahead…

Duration: hrs
Transfer Inc: No
Distance: kms from centre
Days: Any Day

Price: €18.95per ticket

Destination: Benalmadena, Costa Del Sol, Spain
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